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Eco-Friendly Summer Camps For Kids

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Apr 2020

There are many types of youth summer camps; and while my favorite was space camp, some parents may decide that their kids need lessons in agriculture and land management. If kids don't know where food comes from, then a gardening summer day camp will school them! There are plenty of eco-friendly garden and farm summer camps for children that last for months offering months worth of education and excitement. Here's why parents should look into these type of summer camps for their children:

What we just said: If kids don't know where food comes from, then they need a lesson in agriculture. There are tons of farm and gardening summer camps that allow children hands-on learning and the ability to grow their own food. Not only does this teach them about responsibility, commitment and patience; but it tells them once and for all that food comes from the ground and not grown in grocery stores. 

Kids learn about garden management: When planting veggies, one cannot neglect the growing site. One must be responsible enough to watch the clock and know when to water plants; mulch; and pull weeds. A planting summer camp will teach them all about caring for the land.

Kids learn about wildlife and pest management: It's not all fun and games in the garden. Kids will learn about wild animals visiting growing sites to eat crops and how to protect crops from hungry deer, rabbits and coyotes. They will also learn about insects and arachnids that damage plants. 

Kid learn how to cook: How cool is it to grow food in the garden and then cook it yourself? Kids will make gourmet dishes from the plants they grow and become little chefs.

Summer camps allow kids to make everlasting friends and memories that are packed with knowledge!

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