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​Father’s Day

​Father’s Day

Posted by Cassidy Plasterer on 21st Jun 2022

As many of you know, DeerBusters fencing is Do-It-Yourself. You can avoid calling the installers, because by the end of it, you will be the new professional!

I can’t speak for all fathers, but many dads I know enjoy the outdoors and the equipment that comes with it. Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard the expression, “boys and their toys.” This reigns true for my dad; I know that if there is a tool I don’t have, he probably does. In fact, my dad receives frequent calls like, “do you have a staple gun?” or “do you have this tool that can be used for this?” and 99% of the time, the answer is yes. Recently he purchased a riding mower, a snowplow, and has hopes of getting a tractor (but does he really need it? The answer is no). One thing I do know about my dad is that he takes his flowers and garden VERY seriously. He has always kept up with the landscaping around the house, but after transitioning from urban to rural living he let his green thumb run wild! He planted 200 Christmas trees, planted a fairly largegarden, and added flowers/shrubs/trees everywhere!

Over the years my dad started noticing the Christmas trees were being destroyed by DEER—they would rub their antlers on the tree bark and the trees began dying and losing MANY limbs. The garden he spent countless hours of arduous work on, was now the perfect garden salad for the deer—and other critters too (like groundhogs). He tried countless tactics to try and keep the deer out, but nothing would work. Even today, he still has this issue.

This is whyI think DeerBustersfence would be a great gift idea for all those outdoorsy dads out there!

If your dad spends a lot of time outdoors and puts his heart and soul into making the outside of the house look immaculate, why not consider it? The DIY nature of our fencing allows the freedom of independence, a sense of accomplishment and a great look to any yard (because who is going to see it anyway—our fencing is invisible from 20 feet away)!

Oh, and you can do it too! Surprise your dad this Father’s Day and build it yourself! DeerBusters makes it easy and we offer great instructions to guide you each step of the way.

There are various kits to choose from:

A Poly Kit

A Steel Hex Kit

A Welded Wire Kit

These kits are lightweight,strong, aesthetically pleasing, and Do-It-Yourself. The metal options offer a PVC-coating that protects the fencing from rust and corrosion. Poly fencing is also UV protected, so the color will be preserved, and it will not break down due to extreme heat or cold. Another added benefit is that our fencing will last between 10-20+ years!

Still wondering what you should get your dad. Look no further!

Protect what you grow with a DeerBusters fence!

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