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Ground Sleeve Installation Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Mar 2020

Installing deer fencing is easy for most DIY'ers - that is, of course, if one reads the instructions prior to tackling the task at hand. Before installing yard fence, it's best to confirm that one has basic tools including sledgehammers, scissors, etc.

Ground sleeve installation is the first step in the deer fence installation process. Ground sleeves are the base where fence posts lay. It is important that ground sleeves are flush with the ground and are as even as possible. To start, it is recommended that ground sleeves are pounded into the ground using a sledgehammer. Ground sleeves will pound 30 inches into the ground where they will live for "X" number of months, years. It is recommended to use drive caps when pounding the sleeves. The driver caps, available for 1 5/8" posts and 1 3/8" posts, slide into ground sleeves at the top and ensure that the sleeve does not mushroom when pounding into the ground. Ultimately, drive caps are for ground sleeve protection. 

Having a magnetic level will be the next item to buy for deer fence post installation for fence installers and homeowners that care how straight fence posts are on the property line. 

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