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Grow These Winter Deer Resistant Plants

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Dec 2019

Deer are a year-round problem for home gardeners; and when it comes to wintertime, whitetails are desperate for food. To rid deer, growers must act on deer management strategies including the installation of a deer fence and growing deer-resistant plants. Some types of flowers can grow in fall and winter to rid deer from lawns and gardens. Here are plants to grow for deer resistance that can handle harsh climates:

  • Bradford pear
  • Austrian pine
  • ‘Gateway’ Joe Pye weed
  • ‘Crispa’ cutleaf stephanandra
  • ‘Becky’ Shasta daisy
  • ‘Karl Foerster’ feather reed grass
  • ‘Goldsturm’ black-eyed Susan

Growing these plants should be used to re-route deer movement in winter and keep deer away from winter crops that are meant for our families to enjoy around the table.

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