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Home Growers Dealing With Deer and Rabbits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Jul 2020

When considering to buy a deer fence, other animals, outside of deer, may affect the decision whether to buy plastic fence or metal fence. So, what type of garden fence should home gardeners use when damage to plants occurs from deer and rabbits, for example? Here are a few options:

The Max Strength Poly Deer Fence with Rodent Protection Kit is recommended for growers dealing with white-tailed deer damage in gardens plus occasional sight of rabbits and even groundhog. The kit is available in 7.5' and 8' heights and includes a roll of maximum strength plastic deer fence and a roll of Steel Hex Web, used for rabbit control. Steel Hex Web Fencing is preferred over 14 ga. welded wire fence due to its smaller mesh holes (1" x 1" size); however, the 19. ga. welded wire fence can also be used for rabbit management in gardens with its similar mesh dimensions as the Steel Hex Fencing.

When dealing with rabbits, growers should consider trenching the fence into the ground at least 6-12" to prevent burrowing attempts from bunnies and adult rabbits. These fences are best used when dealing with deer and rabbit damage to plants in gardens. 

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