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How Is Deer Fence Attached To Already Existing Fences?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Jul 2020

Often, customers come to Deerbusters stating that they wish to keep out deer from their lawns and gardens; but they already have an existing fence. It doesn't make sense for homeowners to build a secondary fence; so, we offer them the advice to install fence extenders to add height to already existing fences such as wooden, split-rail and chain-link. Now, that they know what they need, they want to know how is the deer fence, including posts, actually attached to my existing fences?

The answer is simple: U-bolts.

U-bolts to easily attach fence extender parts, including posts to existing fences such as chain-link fence or wooden fences.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 5/16" x 2" x 3"
  • MATERIAL: Zinc-Plated

They are simple to install on fences; and better yet, are affordable.

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