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How To Attach Fence Mesh To Posts

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th May 2020

Adding fence mesh to line posts isn't as complex as one would think; and it requires a single fence part that is not only affordable for homeowners, fence contractors and installers but easy to handle. Here's the only fence part needed to install deer fence rolls to posts:

Heavy duty zip ties

The self-locking ties for deer fence aren't what are found at general hardware stores. These are wider; stronger; and longer-lasting. They are UV-stabilized to stand protected against weather elements and even chew marks from wild animals. 

Deer fence self-locking ties are available in 8" and 14" lengths. The 8" zip ties are mainly used for deer fencing around traditional galvanized steel line posts; and the 14" zip ties can be used around wooden posts. Worried about strength? Add stainless steel self-locking ties

They can be pulled by hand or through a cutter puller tool which will help tension the zip tie to the posts and cut the remaining tie - offering the deer fence a polished look.

Fence install tip: One zip tie per foot along the vertical line post is recommended for best results.

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