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How To Attach Fence Mesh?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Feb 2020

Fence installation is an exciting project for many DIY'ers and fence contractors; but not all have installed fences quite like a Deerbusters deer fence. After the fence installer understands the part about digging ground sleeves, he/she may ask "How does the fence mesh attach to the fence posts?" The answer is simple: zip ties - but not those flimsy ones that are found at local building supply stores. 

Zip ties are 8" and 14" by design and are heavy duty. They are UV-stabilized to stand strong against diverse weather elements and add strength to deer fence systems. An 8" zip tie can be used around fence posts whereas 14" zip ties are recommended to use around corners, gates and end posts. It is recommended that these zip ties are set one per foot of post height. Once installed, the remnant zip tie can be cut using a cutter-puller tool to give the fence a clean look. The cutter puller tool is also used to tighten the zip tie to the line post.

Zip-ties are lightweight and easy to use. As the seasons change, the deer fence zip ties can be taken off using the cutter-puller tool and the fence mesh can be rolled up and stored for the winter.

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