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How To Install a Temporary Fence

How To Install a Temporary Fence

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 30th Nov 2023

If you find yourself in need of a fast and effective solution for securing an area, temporary roll fencing is an excellent option to consider. Whether you're organizing a special event, managing a construction site, or embarking on a home renovation project, temporary fencing offers the perfect combination of convenience and versatility.

One of the best things about temporary fencing is its straightforward installation and removal process. You won't need to worry about complicated tools or extensive setup times. In just a few simple steps, you can have your temporary roll fence in place. Below, we'll guide you through the process of installing a temporary fence to help you get started.

Materials Needed

Before you begin, make sure you have the following materials:

  1. Fence rolls
  2. Fence posts
  3. Post driver
  4. Safety equipment
  5. Sledgehammer
  6. Wire cutters
  7. Zip ties

Before beginning any installation, it's essential to determine your specific needs. Consider the size and shape of the area you need to secure, as well as any potential hazards or obstacles that may be present. This will help you choose the right type of temporary fence and determine the necessary length and height.

Step 1: Plan Your Layout

The first step in installing a temporary fence is to determine where you want the fence to go. Measure the area and mark out the perimeter using spray paint or stakes. Consider where entrances and exits will be located for easy access. It's also crucial to check for any underground utilities or obstructions before starting.

Step 2: Install Your Posts

Each roll of fencing will need to be supported by sturdy fence posts. These posts should be placed at least every 10 feet along the perimeter of your fence.

When it comes to installing your posts, DeerBusters offers two exceptional options: Heavy Duty Post with Ground Sleeves and Angled Steel Posts.

The Heavy Duty Posts are an excellent choice for easy installation. All you need is a sledgehammer to install the ground sleeve, then drop the post in—no hassles.

On the other hand, the Angled Steel Posts require a post driver for installation. These posts need to be driven into the ground at least 2 feet, providing a robust and sturdy base for your fencing. While it may require a bit more effort to install, the durability and stability provided by these posts are unmatched.

Both options are designed with ease of use and durability in mind, allowing you to choose the best fit for your specific fencing needs. Always remember to wear safety gloves and a helmet to protect yourself during this process.

Step 3: Roll Out and Secure Your Fencing

Now, take your roll of fencing and secure one end to the first post using zip ties. For this task, DeerBusters provides high-quality UV-Resistant Zip Ties.

The UV-resistant property of these zip ties ensures their durability in outdoor settings, providing resistance to the harsh effects of sunlight, thus extending their lifespan. This means that your temporary roll fence will remain secure for a longer duration. Wrapping them around both the fence and the post, then pulling them tight, ensures a secure fix. Always remember to trim off any excess length for a clean and professional look.

To make the process of installing your temporary roll fence even easier, DeerBusters offers a highly efficient Cutter Puller Tool. This tool is designed to both tighten and cut the zip ties, ensuring a secure and tidy finish to your fencing. It's an invaluable addition to your toolkit, streamlining the process and making your fencing project more manageable.

Step 4: Final Touches

Once you've unrolled your fencing to the last post, cut the fencing from the roll using your wire cutters. Be sure to leave enough fencing to securely attach it to the last post. Secure the final end of your fencing to the last post using zip ties.

Repeat this process for each roll of fencing, ensuring that each one is tightly secured to its corresponding posts.

Step 5: Double Check Your Work

After your fence is up, do a walk around to check for any loose sections. Ensure all posts are secure and the fencing material is tightly attached to each one. This step is especially crucial if you have animals or children in the area.

Step 6: Dismantling Your Temporary Fence

When it's time to remove your temporary roll fence, simply cut or undo the ties holding the fencing to the posts. Roll up the fencing for storage, then pull out the posts. Always store your materials in a dry place to prevent damage.

Additional Tips

  • To ensure the stability of your temporary roll fence, it's recommended to add extra posts at any corners or turns in your fencing layout.
  • For added security and protection, consider using Ground Stakes to secure your fencing to the ground.
  • Remember to check local ordinances and regulations before installing a temporary fence, as some areas may require permits or have specific guidelines to follow.
  • If you have uneven terrain, consider using ground sleeves on the bottom of your posts for added stability.
  • For larger and longer fencing projects, consider using brace posts for added support.
  • Consider using a fence tension kit for added stability and durability. DeerBusters offers Heavy Duty Fencing Tension Kits, designed for use with both Heavy Duty Posts and Angled Steel Posts.
  • If your fencing is in an area with high winds, use additional zip ties to secure it more firmly.

Temporary roll fencing is an excellent solution for various situations, providing security and flexibility when needed. With the right materials and techniques, it's easy to install and remove, making it a go-to choice for many people. Thanks to DeerBusters, we offer you a convenient one-stop shop for all your temporary fence materials. Whether you need high-quality fence materials, sturdy posts, reliable tools, or essential accessories, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive range of products ensures that you can find everything you need to set up a durable and efficient temporary fence. With DeerBusters, you can trust in our commitment to providing exceptional quality and convenience for all your fencing needs. 

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