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How To Install Fence Posts In Hard Ground

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jan 2019

Starting a DIY project can be fun; but like every new project, it comes with its challenges. Before beginning the DIY project, consider your soil type. If the ground is hard, clay and rocky, it may be a struggle to install fence posts as well as some types of ground stakes such as a Kinked Fence Stake. Here are tips for installing line posts in rocky or hard terrain:

The easiest method for driving in ground sleeves and fence posts is to use a post-pounder to create a small hole . As long as the rocks are not solid bedrock, the post-pounder will help push the sleeves into the ground. 

"Another method for driving in fence posts is to create an above-ground cage of rocks as a brace to anchor the fence, in lieu of brace posts." (Tips for setting fence posts in difficult ground, Beef Magazine). 

Soften the soil by digging pilot holes 6-10 inches deep then fill each with water using a home garden hose. Using a shovel to dig holes always helps, as well.

Keep these tips in-mind when installing deer fence posts. 

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