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How To Rid Squirrels From Lawns and Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Feb 2020

Squirrels are one of those nuisance animals that homeowners can't seem to shake away. After all, they climb, run, and jump up to six feet straight up from the ground. While squirrels are known for hunting for and hiding nuts, they often eat tomato, fruits and occasionally potted plants. They are even known to eat things they shouldn't such as wooden decks! So, what can gardeners do to rid squirrels from home properties?

Because squirrels chew, jump and climb, there isn't a good enough fence that can be installed to keep them out unless gardeners construct a fully enclosed gardening area. Completely enclosed areas should be made from metal with PVC to block chew marks. If able, find one that is hexagonal shaped with small mesh holes to keep out baby squirrels.

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