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How To Start a Backyard Vineyard

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Jan 2019

So, you're serious about wine and are interested in grape growing.

Starting a vineyard is a lucrative business if done correctly; however the initial investment may lead vineyard owners with sticker shock. The average cost to start a backyard vineyard is $35,000-45000 per acre. Before growers begin planting grapes for wine making, they need to ask themselves a number of questions: Will the vineyard have a theme? Will the soil support a vineyard? Are wildlife an issue in the area? How will you sell your wine once "placed" on the market?

To summarize for vineyard development, wine producers will want to look at the economic outlook and some other factors before growing grapes: 

  • Market outlook for wine industry and grape production
  • Level site and pull weeds
  • Determine water quality and get a drainage system/irrigation
  • Discuss soil with experts and follow through with their recommendations
  • Discuss rows of grapevines
  • Install wildlife fencing to rid deer, rabbits and other small critters
  • Plant in late winter/early spring to avoid frost

There are many different types of wines and grapes including Moscato,Burgundy and Riesling. Read up on the grapes that you would like to produce for wine and enjoy the process!

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