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How To Start a Community Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Aug 2020

Starting a community garden is an exciting opportunity for avid gardeners who are looking for ways to contribute to their neighborhood while doing what they love and meeting friendly faces. Communities gardens take time to develop and even a bit of money. Here is how to start a community garden in neighborhoods:

Start-up community gardens can range in price from $3750 to $7500 to start. The cost  of establishing the garden site includes a source of water; maintaining city fees; insurance and contractor wages. 

To get started, it is best to establish an organized committee of interested participants and delegate tasks for each individual. Next, present the idea of a neighborhood community garden to local governing bodies. Once approved, a site, such as a lot or open field, can be purchased and built on for the well-thought garden layout. Having gardening sponsors can help to offer funds in support of the garden and provide tools or even deer fence to protect the growing site from wildlife browsing. Moving forward, annual membership fees for using the garden can help fund the garden and better the growing site. 

Starting a community garden is a great way to be creative while doing something fun and engaging for the neighborhood!

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