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How To Start a TNR Program

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Oct 2019

There are over 50 million homeless cats in the United States, some born into the wild. These free-roaming cats are known as feral cats. They are not like domestic cats. They have poor temperaments, are not socialized and carry diseases that are of concern to companion pet owners with domestic dogs, cats and children. To reduce the homeless cat population, the best way to get involved is to start a TNR program. 

TNR stands for trap-neuter-release and is the most humane way to stop feral kittens from entering into the world without homes. The process goes as follows: capture cats with humane box traps or drop traps with bait; neuter or spay cats; and release them back into the wild where they were retrieved.

To start a TNR program in neighborhoods, cat enthusiasts will need a few items and assistance from the community. They will need volunteers to help capture cats - this is usually achieved at nighttime when feral cats come out in the open. 

Note: Feral cats will not venture near humans and will not eat food in view of humans. 

In addition to traps, TNR program volunteers will need guidance from animal shelters and assistance from animal clinics to perform the spay/neuter part of the process.Coordinators will need to check if clinics have weight and age restrictions or requirements before surgeries. During trapping, volunteers will need to secure cats inside the traps or in a cat enclosure where they will receive fresh food and water in their natural surroundings - outdoors. They will need to check to see if the cats are ill or injured.

October 16, 2019 is Feral Cat Day, a designated call to action to protect cats in the community and reduce the homeless cat population around the world.  

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