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It's Adopt a Cat Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jun 2018

Cats are lovable animals that make great pets for individuals and family members. While there is an argument of which animal makes a better pet, cat owners seem to win. Approximately 1.6 million shelter cats are adopted from animal shelters each year and go to loving homes. This June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month; and we are here to tell you why you should bring home a cat from a local cat rescue near you.

When we choose to adopt cats from a local animal shelter we are saving lives and helping the mental health of animals. When we adopt cats, we are telling them that they are loved and wanted. We are telling them that they don't have to fear euthanization and that we care. Bringing home a pet from a local animal shelter is also less costly than buying a pet from a pet store because these animals are already spayed or neutered. 

Adopt a cat from an animal shelter today; and Deerbusters will offer a discount on Kitty Corral Cat Fence System. 

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