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It's American Grown Flowers Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jul 2020

Since 2017, Congress declared July to be American Grown Flowers Month to pay homage to greens farmers that plant and provide the public with beautiful floral displays using cut flowers. To spread the word, Certified American Grown is working with flower farmers and florists through in-store promotions.(Check the "certified" tags on flowers. 

Purchased flowers have a huge impact on our economy. Over $35 billion were spent on floral bouquets in 2017 - a slight increase from $33 billion the prior year. Freshly grown and cut-flowers make people (admittedly, we women more than men) happy; and help to brighten up landscapes and home decor. 

American Grown Flowers is looking for retailers and merchandisers to help spread the word about this July Flower Month. In the flower industry? Contact them to get involved today!

Note: Deerbusters will offer discounted rates on DIY deer fence supplies to flower growers during the month of July. Contact Deerbusters to learn more: 888-422-3337; [email protected]

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