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It's Happy Cat Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Sep 2018

In a vote between Dogs Vs. Cats, Cat ownership rules.

More often than not, cats are viewed as self-reliant; and sometimes we think they don't need as much affection as dogs. This is simply not the case; and as pet owners, we want the best for our animals.

The Catalyst Council created Happy Cat Month, an annual event to spread the word about cat companionship in America. With over 10 million cats owned in the United States by individuals, it's no wonder why cats are viewed as the best pet to own in the country.

This September, encourages cat owners to spend extra time with their felines and to promote animal wellness and protection for cats. Here are some ways to make your cat happy this month: “Studies have shown that having a cat live with you can have many benefits for your health, both physical and mental, so why not give a little back to your favorite furry friend during Happy Cat Month,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of CATalyst Council.

Cat needs

Make sure your cat's needs are met. Provide a fresh litter box. Also, your cat need plenty of fresh water, especially in the hot, summer months, to avoid dehydration. In addition to water, healthy cat foods with lots of protein gives cats the energy and extra pounce they need to stay active and alert. Overfeeding cats can also lead to health issues such as cat obesity. Avoid feeding cats high-calorie foods and snacks and replace meals with diet cat foods. Dental care for cats is very important. Avoid dental disease and gum disease by brushing teeth regularly.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity, 58 percent of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese.

Consider cat adoption

According to ASPCA, 3.2 million cats are brought into humane societies each year; and over 800,000 cats are euthanized because nobody wants them. While many perspective pet owners want kittens to adopt, we encourage cat enthusiasts to support older cats. These cats are loving and gentle. Some are brought into animal rescue groups from off the streets because of abandonment. Some were mistreated.

But, you can save a life; and give these animals a second chance at finding the purrfect home.

Training Cats Outside

Cats need socialization, too; and adopting a second cat will give the cat the interaction it needs to stay content. There may be only one cat park in the United States coming soon; and unless you live in Colorado Springs, CO, you will not see it. Instead, cat owners will need to build cat fencing in their backyard for pet entertainment.

Having a Kitty Corral cat fencing system in the backyard allows cats the chance to play with each other while staying in home boundaries. Cats will be able to learn new tricks and enjoy the fresh air that they rightfully deserve. Cat enclosures, or catios, are convenient, easy-to-install systems that are reliable for cat safety (and can serve as a dog fence, as well).

Cats need toys

Whether it's a new ball of yarn or scratching post, your cat will feel loved after receiving a new toy from it's pet owner. Experiment with different cat toys to see which type they prefer. Interactive toys can be used as training tools for kittens and can help protect cat health especially in older cats that will require an extra dose of exercise. Apply cat nip to some toys as an incentive for the cat to jump or stand on hind legs. This technique will help improve balance and firm muscles.

Cat Love

More than cat fencing, and toys, cats need love and affection! Once cats leave the animal shelter with their new owners, they become members of the family; best friends; and confidants. Give pets the very best; and show your cat how much he/she means to you.

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