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It's National Cat Day!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Oct 2018

National Cat Day is celebrated by cat lovers o October 29th each year. Show cats some love this month. Here are ways to get involved this Cat Day:

  • Volunteer at a local cat rescue or cat sanctuary;
  • Adopt a cat from a no-kill humane society
  • Start a TNR Program to reduce the homeless cat population

For current cat owners, make a commitment to your cat's health and wellness by installing an outdoor cat enclosure in the yard for kitty playtime. Like dogs, cats need time outside to breath fresh air and explore new terrain; and a cat fence allows them to do so without stranger and wildlife encounters including fights with stray dogs. Cats outside with other cats are happier and healthier. 

Give a cat a reason to purr this Cat Day and do something special for the love of cats!

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