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It's National Cat Health Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Feb 2019

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of cats in the United States are overweight or obese (2017). That means there are at least 50 million fat cats walking around your neighborhoods. This February during National Cat Health Month, work on strength training exercises for cats to get them in shape. Here are activities cat owners can do with their pet cats:

Buy a cat tower: Cat towers can be used inside or outside in the cat enclosure. A multi-tiered cat tower is useful for building cat's hind leg strength. With the tower, cats can easily jump from level to level.

Add a laser pointer to the fun. Do not shine the light directly at the cat. Instead, watch the cat run around and chase the red glow. 

Use toys or yarn for playtime: Cats are active; and they love playing with toys; or roll around with yarn hand-in-hand. 

Create a wand: Use a paper towel holder or stick to create a wand with string on it. The DIY cat wand will be easy to make and fun for him/her to swat!

Create an agility course in the fenced-in backyard. Like dogs, cats can go up-and-down obstacles and will climb or crawl when necessary. Agility courses for cats aren't just good for fitness; but they help build mental awareness. 

Exercising with cats is not difficult and will create bonding time with your pet. Keep these cat fitness tips in mind this month during Cat Health Month. 

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