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It's World Cat Day!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Aug 2018

Cats are great pets, especially for individuals that are on-the-run and like to travel. This World Cat Day, we will explore the reasons why it's great to be a cat owner. 

  • Cats are independent and can take care of themselves.
  • Cats are low-maintenance - just feed them and give them fresh litter.
  • Cats can entertain themselves - but they will not say 'no' to a ball of yarn or a laser pointer to chase.
  • Cats chase mice and make great barn cats.
  • Cats purr when their happy - which is pretty much all the time.

Over 57 percent of U.S. households have cats; and there are approximately 4 million cats that are brought into U.S. shelters each year. Adopt a Cat this World Cat Day and spread the word about the joy of cats.

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