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January Is Train Your Dog Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Jan 2020

December holidays lead to pets finding forever homes; and while this is a high-five moment for animal shelters, new pet owners may be thinking "okay, now what do I do?" Because new pet owners may be clueless how to care for pets, January is declared to be Train Your Dog Month. There are many training tools that pet owners can use at home to train puppies and even adult dogs. Here are a few training tips courtesy of

  • Reward dogs for listening. Practice basic commands like "sit" and "stand;" when they obey, give them a healthy dog treat or pat their head.
  • Train dogs to go to the bathroom outside by buying fake grass turf. Take the pet outside often to learn to go outside.
  • Speaking of outside, pets require exercise and time outside with other animals. Consider fencing in yards for dogs to run and play. Having a fence will keep them safe from wildlife, strangers and traffic and inside the confines of the property.
  • Teach dogs to socialize with other friends. Whether it's from a fenced-in yard, or at a dog park, welcome them to other companion animals.

Dog training schools are available throughout the country for new pet owners to go to for guidance taught by certified dog trainers, as another option.

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