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June Is Perennial Gardening Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Jun 2018

In lieu of Perennial Gardening Month, it only seems appropriate to discuss why gardeners should plant perennial flowers in the garden. Perennial gardens are beautiful rainbows of flowers that require little to no upkeep. Gardeners will be delighted to learn that perennial flowers come back each year and will turn boring gardens into stunning masterpieces. Perennial flowers can bloom for two weeks or last for three months.

When designing perennial gardens, height, width and spacing matters. The taller perennial plants should be placed in the back of the border or in the center of an island bed to keep the garden symmetrical. Plant's width will depend upon the soil and how quickly some plants grow. For example, gardeners will not want to place slow growing plants near faster growing plants. Lastly, space flowers equally apart so that the garden does not appear overly crowded.

Perennial plants come in a variety of colors; so, it is best to plant different flower types to create a swooping rainbow of color. These types of plants can be deer-resistant and can be used as a secondary barrier around a garden fence to rid deer from gardens. 

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