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Keep Debris Out Of Fence Posts

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Jul 2020

Heavy duty line posts are round steel posts that easily slide into ground sleeves on deer fence. While they are easy to install, they are even easier to maintain but will require two fence accessories to keep out garbage including debris, leaves and water. Here are the fence add-ons needed to keep out debris in line posts after fence post installation.

Dome caps for 1 5/8 posts.

The decorative post caps can be used on heavy duty round posts to keep water and debris out of the post, and add a decorative touch for a more polished installation. They can be left for on top of deer fence posts for 20+ years; or they can be removed with the other fence parts if the fencing is a seasonal solution. If temporary, be sure to add vinyl caps to the ground sleeves which will be left in the ground during the seasonal changes - critical in winter months. Vinyl caps will keep out debris from the ground sleeves once posts are removed. 

Vinyl caps and dome caps are the best way to keep debris out and to increase longevity of the fence during temporary or permanent fence installations. 

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