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Keep These Animals Away From Crops

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th May 2018

Wildlife are doing what they can to survive; and while we encourage them to eat, we didn't mean that they should be in our farms and gardens to sample our goods. In the United States, wild animals account for more than $944 million in agricultural losses each year. 

The main complaint from growers is that deer eat their crops; these are the other animals causing agricultural damage:

  • Wild Hogs (61%)
  • Coyotes (33%)
  • Raccoons (30%)
  • Armadillos (19%)
  • Rabbits (10%)

Home gardeners usually try cheaper alternatives to fencing - like applying deer repellents in the yard - but they soon find that building a deer fence is less maintenance and more effective than repellents. While repellents are great as secondary barriers, they soon disappear after heavy rains, snows or heat exposure.

Do yourself a favor; and save your money. Install deer fence; and never look back.

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