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Kitten Season Begins. Why This Affects Homeowners

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Apr 2018

There are an estimated 60 million feral cats roaming throughout North America; and now that it's the start of kitten season, homeowners will be seeing a lot more cats on properties. 

In addition to cats taking over yards, they can potentially harm our pet dogs - and for the homeless cat, they can even get hurt themselves by wildlife such as foxes and wolves. 

For cat owners, or cat lovers looking to help  feral and stray cats, Deerbusters encourages them to start a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Program in their neighborhoods. TNR Programs for cats are humane and reduce the number of cats going into shelters and being euthanized. Additionally, this type of cat rescue program reduces the birth rates of homeless cats.

Cat rescues, shelters, and enthusiasts looking to start a Feral Cat Program will need to have supplies on-hand including healthy cat foods and an outdoor cat enclosure to secure the cats while outside. 

Feral cats will have the opportunity to find forever homes thanks to volunteers looking to help reduce the homeless cat population. 

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