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Lumber Prices

1st Jul 2021

Last year, COVID caused thousands of businesses to shut down. Unexpectedly, the lumber industry took quite a big hit. Sawmills were forced to shut down causing a limited amount of lumber supplies. The whole world was stuck inside. With all that free time, why not start a new project? Neighbors, friends, and family started gardening, DIY projects, home improvement/additions and so on. Demand in construction began increasing tremendously.

A decrease in supply and an increase in demand drove prices of lumber to an ultimate high. Even now, lumber companies are struggling to catch up. The industry's hope is to get ahead of supply and demand and be able to offer a customer-friendly pricing.

Many of our Deerbusters customers love the look of wooden posts with our fencing, and we love it too! Although we may not supply lumber, we love to see our customers happy! In the end, we hope that lumber costs come to a significant decline and our customers can begin to work on their new projects.


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