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Michigan Warns Of Deer Infected With Bovine Tuberculosis

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Oct 2018

Michigan DNR are warning hunters of a contagious disease in deer called Bovine Tuberculosis. This respiratory disease in deer is spread from animal to animal and can potentially harm humans. Deer hunters are encouraged to test their deer - not just for Chronic Wasting Disease - but for Bovine Tuberculosis. 

“This disease is contagious and can be debilitating to deer. Severely infected animals can struggle to even breathe,” DNR state wildlife veterinarian Kelly Straka said. “By not eradicating this in the herd, we risk the spread of the disease to new areas of Michigan and into our wild elk herd.”

According to Micigan DNR, about 900 of the estimated 230,000 deer tested in the state were positive for bovine tuberculosis.

Bovine Tuberculosis is not just harmful to deer, but also to cattle herds. Cattle operators and deer farmers must do what they can to keep out possibly infected deer from their domestic animals on farms and pastures.

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