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Money & Time-Saving Alternatives To Concrete

Money & Time-Saving Alternatives To Concrete

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 28th Feb 2023

Keeping your yard and garden deer-free this spring is right within reach. When you purchase a DeerBusters fence, you’re eliminating the threat posed by deer to your crops, landscape, and property.

During your installation of a DeerBusters fence kit, many of our instructions require the use of concrete to secure some of our posts such as gate frame posts, corner posts, and end posts.

This step will make your fence permanent while also adding extra strength and support to the overall system. Additionally, it provides you with a great bases to run tight tension lines that are recommended with our tensioning kits.

However, for some, concrete is not the best option. Whether it be from where the fence is located to simply a time limitation that people cannot afford. In this blog, let’s take you through some concrete alternatives that you can consider while installing your deer fence system.

Alternative 1: Gravel

Gravel can be a useful material for stabilizing fence posts, including those used for deer fencing. To use gravel effectively as a concrete alternative, dig a hole that is wider than the post and deep enough to provide stability. Place a layer of gravel in the bottom of the hole, set the post in the hole, and fill in the space around the post with more gravel. Compact the gravel as much as you can to provide additional stability to your fence posts. This can help prevent the fence from leaning or tipping over, particularly in areas with soft or unstable soil.

Alternative 2: Direct into Soil

This method is a cost-effective option for those who cannot afford to purchase concrete, gravel, or other costly materials. However, its stability and rigidity are far less than the other options mentioned. It’s recommended for a more temporary solution and areas with low wind and light deer pressure. Once your hole has been dug for your post, use a large piece of stone or rock with a flat surface to serve as a base. This will increase support as well as provide a stable platform away from wet soil. Set your post on the stone and begin to backfill the hole with a mixture of soil, dirt, and stone. To ensure extra stability, tamp down the layers of soil as you fill in the hole and create a molehill around the base of the post above ground level to help with water runoff.

Alternative 3: Fence post foam

Fence post foam is also known as expanding foam. It is a type of polyurethane foam that can be used for setting deer fence posts in place of concrete. One of the benefits is the quick set up time, with some post foam setting in under five minutes! To use fence post foam, insert the post after digging a hole, and then pour the foam around the post. Over time, the foam expands and hardens to provide stability to the post. Using fence post foam can save time and labor compared to using concrete. It can prove quite effective in areas with unstable or rocky soil where using concrete may not be a viable option. However, it's important to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure the appropriateness of the foam for the specific type and size of fence post.


These are some concrete alternatives you can check out for your deer fence installation project. It is important to note that a deer fence should be designed and installed properly to ensure that it is effective in deterring deer from entering a specific area. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspections are also crucial to ensure that the fence remains in good condition and continues to function as intended. It is important to choose a material that suits your specific need and that provides the desired level of protection and stability.

Do you need assistance with installing your deer fence system? You can get in touch with our experts at DeerBusters, we offer valuable advice to help you decide the best deer fence system, installation help, and more! Use our customer support chat or call us directly today!

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