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National Park Week

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Apr 2019

Outdoor enthusiasts, environmentalists and park managers come together to celebrate National Park Week, running from April 20-28, 2019 (sharing time with Earth Day). The observance week is hosted by the National Park Foundation to encourage individuals to get outside and visit national state parks in their area. 

National Parks are rich in scenic views and an abundance of wildlife. They are pure; non-commercialized areas where people can go to unwind and be in-touch with nature. 

The National Park Service manages 419 properties; some of the most common national parks being: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. In the United States, over 331 million people visit national parks each year to snap photos; camp; hike and explore the beauty of these natural sites. 

To get involved this National Park Week, individuals are encouraged to take a road trip and visit national parks. They are encouraged to pick up trash they find on the ground and to keep a safe distance away from wildlife. (Do not feed wildlife!) 

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