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Neighborhoods See Increase In Deer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Oct 2018

When neighborhood and city planners decide to plant trees and flowers within new housing developments, they unintentionally bring in unwelcome guests that are making themselves at home: white-tailed deer.

White-tailed deer are graceful, beautiful animals that are not trying to harm humans nor pets; but they will lash out if they feel threatened. What deer really want in the fall season is food; and they know that there are hardly any crops in the winter season. This is why more homeowners will see an influx of deer in October through November. 

Deer aren't just eating flowers; rubbing their antlers against trees; and eating vegetable gardens. They are also dropping ticks in yards and are causing health concerns to humans and pets. 

While city planners may not want to install deer-proof fencing around their beautifully manicured landscapes, homeowners don't mind building a deer fence in their personal yards to protect their lawns and gardens. It's time to keep out deer from yards this fall.

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