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New Product: 6' x 100' Advanced Multi-Purpose Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Jan 2020

Just Released! 6' x 100' Advanced All Purpose Fence

This type of plastic deer fence can be used for a variety of applications including pond protection and wildlife protection from eating plants. It can also be used to block debris and leaves from blowing to areas of a landscape. 

This plastic garden fence is long-lasting - up to 15 years in most areas of the country - even in hot, cold and windy locations. It is easy to install and lightweight for homeowners of all ages. 

Why is it advanced?

Trident polypropylene material has increased tensile strength created by stretching the fence in two directions. As a result, the fencing is strong while still being light and movable. This advantage means our mesh is simple to install and cost effective.

Note: This fence does not come with a reinforced bottom edge.

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