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New Year, Still a Deer Problem

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jan 2019

Just because it's now 2019, doesn't mean that deer troubles are over. In fact, deer movement persists in the winter time as whitetails becoming even more desperate to find food. 

Throughout the fall, deer had leaves and twigs to fall back on - when they weren't eating winter crops from home gardens; but now, the gardens are covered in snow and have very little to offer in organic goods. For the time being, deer will travel far, during the early morning hours, to scout for food. But, come spring, there time will shine as gardeners plant fresh fruits and veggies.

This is why now is the time to think about deer management on home gardens. Now is the time to block their efforts to reach plants. Now is the time to block their movement and pathways to gardens. Now is the time to add 'Garden Protection' to your New Years Resolution List.

And, it starts with the most effective deer management strategy: deer fencing

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