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​Our Visit With John Papier

​Our Visit With John Papier

Posted by Cassidy Plasterer on 1st Jun 2022

The Trident team headed to Fallston MD where we met John and his wife. After a warm welcome, we went straight to work! One of the first things we like to do is to scope out the property. He had about 200 feet of fencing that curved around the back of his yard. The main purpose of this fence was to stop the deer from using his backyard as a footpath to their next meal. By walking the property, it gives us a framework on how we want to organize our videos and social content. We decided our first mission was to get some behind-the-scenes footage. John had a steppingstone path that we just had to take advantage of. Hence our epic slow-mo video. View here: (

Next, we walked down to John’s incredible installation of the DeerBusters Extra Strength Fence. Chris started with B-roll footage of the fence, Abby was getting some content for social media, and I (Cassidy) was taking photos of the fence. But it was time to start going over the product itself. Chris oversees most of the audio, so he read out our “loosely built” script and improvs the rest of the way. With improv, there are bound to be mistakes—so it took a few tries for us to get everything right (but that is what makes it fun!)

We had just about everything we needed and then realized we needed to acquire some drone footage of the property. While Chris was recording, Abby and I were able to learn more about John! We learned John loves to travel and has been practically everywhere on the map! You name it, he has been there. He also has a few trips planned for this year.

Once Chris wrapped up the drone footage we needed, we moved onto the testimonial. John was great! We expect people to get shy in front of the camera, but that was not the case! John gave us a lot of insight on DeerBusters products and went into detail about how easy it was to install yourself! He mentioned the deer were destroying all of the plants in the backyard. Once he installed the fence (which only took him a few days, by himself), he noticed the deer were deterred in another direction and left his property alone! DeerBusted!

I think one of the best things about customer visits is really getting to know and spending time with the people. Whether the customer builds the fence or not, they put a lot of TLC into what they want to protect, and it is very admirable! Because Trident does not offer installation, we can’t see the final product; so, seeing all the hard work our customers put into their fence is incredible.

We wrapped up sharing a cup of coffee with John and said our goodbyes. On the way home, we reflected on the experience and just how meaningful it was for us. We have found, so far, that each of us takes home a little life lesson from the people we meet and how it will stick with us forever.

Thank you, John!

Want to see the video of our visit? Check out our YouTube page for more info about our visit:

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