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Over-Population of Deer

17th Jun 2021

According to the Deer and Hunter article,  human rights activists plans to seek an end to fishing and hunting in the state of Oregon. If this initiative is passed, this will consider any injury of mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians a felony unless in an act of self-defense.

Having an overabundance of deer could potentially lead to destruction of the ecosystem. We all know deer enjoying eating. With more hungry deer on this rise, the more plant species may begin to dissipate. The human species could be affected in a big way too! Almost all of us could say we, or someone we know, has been, or has almost been in an accident due to a deer. A huge concern with increased deer is the influx of vehicle accidents. Ticks could enter yards with ease as the deer stroll onto properties for a quick bite to eat.

While living in an overpopulated deer area, precautions need to be taken in order to preserve the surrounding environment. With DeerBusters fence, you can feel relief knowing that your environment is safe from deer mayhem.

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