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Prepare For Fall Gardening

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Sep 2018

Gardening in Fall is the last hurrah before the snow comes falling from the sky; and both gardeners and white-tailed deer feel the pressure to grow, and eat, this season. If gardeners play their cards right, they can feast on cool-weather crops including a wide array of legumes, apples and squashes. For deer, they know that this is their last chance to eat in home gardens before gardens become dormant. 

Fall Gardening Tips

Tree growers will need to watch out for deer damage in September and October, as deer search for trees to rub the dried-velvet from their antlers. This is in preparation for the rut season to make themselves look more appealing to does. Tree farmers and homeowners with young trees should consider wrapping tree guards around the base of trees for tree protection. 

Home growers can protect their gardens throughout the fall season from deer and other critters with deer fencing. While bird netting and deer repellents are cheaper, they aren't as effective as a deer fence in the garden. It's best to use this permanent solution for year-round garden protection against deer. 

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