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Preparing Your Summer Gardening

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th May 2018

As a gardener, we look forward to the warmth of summer and planting fruits and vegetables; but with the changing season comes challenges. Summer may feel like the perfect season; but if gardeners don't take our advice, they may find themselves left with little crops in their gardens. Here are summer gardening tips to implement at the end of May or early in June:

Plan For Weeds

Weeds suffocate plants and kill them. They also make gardens look sloppy and unkempt. Take the time to pull weeds from gardens and watch how quickly plants grow.


Add compost or fertilizer around new plants to give them sufficient nutrients to help them grow.


Prune flowers back to avoid plant diseases. Remove dead leaves and foliage.

Water Plants

Summer is hot; and plants will suffer without water. Water flowers in the morning before the sunshine hits hard on plants.

Fence Out Wildlife

Wild animals will continue to pursue gardens this summer. Stop wildlife damage with deer fencing. A 7.5' to 8' high deer fence is appropriate to stop deer damage.

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