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Protecting Our National Parks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Jul 2018

Now that summer is here, families are travelling all across the country to explore and build memories; and they visit national parks most often to capture glimpses of wildlife and be surrounded by nature. In 2017, the National Park Service received over 330 million visitors adding to a grand total of 1.5 billion visits in the last 5 years. As much as tourists love parks, they do their part to damage them, as much as wildlife. This National Parks and Recreation Month, Deerbusters calls for action to protect our national parks. 

Campers create camp fires in the woods; and end up burning forests. Hikers litter on trails and create traps for animals. But, it's deer, rabbits and bears that cause deforestation and damage ecosystems, too. White-tailed deer rub their antlers on tree barks and ruin ecosystems while searching for food. Bears cause 5-10 percent of damage to forests each year; and rabbits chew on plant matter. 

To protect park and recreational areas from wildlife damage, park management teams need to build 7.5-8' deer fence to keep the peace between forests, tourists, and wildlife. 

For National Parks and Recreation Month, use hashtag #DiscoverJuly on Facebook and Twitter. 

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