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Protecting Spring Flowers From Cold Weather

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Mar 2018

Things happen; and for gardeners living in the Northeast region, they know this all too well. While some gardeners were planning which flowers to plant on the first day of spring, others were shoveling their driveways and worrying about their sprouting tulips and other spring flowers that were getting pounded by heavy snow.

As the snow storm continues today, here are things gardeners can do to protect their flowerbeds:

Bring Plants Inside

First things first, plant protection is a must to ensure that they survive to see the 'real spring season.' For this, growers should move outdoor plants inside and set them in potted planters near sunlight until warmer weather comes. Don't forget to water them.

Cover Plants

Plants need warmth and covering them is another option for gardeners that cannot move their flowers inside. Gardeners can use flannel blankets or bed sheets to cover flowerbeds and crops. If using blankets, be careful not to smother the flowers or they will not be able to breathe and survive. If this is a concern, use burlap which provides insulation and ventilation. 

Use Mulch

Applying a layer of mulch acts as an insulator and will keep plants strong through the cold weather. Simply apply 2-3 inches of compost or mulch to the soil - you'll find that the mulch will keep the soil from cooling down as quickly.

Move Plants To a Cold Frame

While greenhouses are great for continuing the growing season, they do not provide as much warmth as a cold frame. It's worth the investment to buy a cold frame for flowers to keep them warm for the next growing season. Cold frame plants require ventilation; so, be sure to give them a chance to breathe. 

Don't worry Northeastern gardeners, we'll get through this snowy first week in spring together. Share your spring plant care tips for spring with @Deerbusters on Facebook using hashtag #springgardeningtips

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