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Restore Monarch Butterfly Habitats

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Feb 2019

Speckled in black and orange, monarch butterflies are beautiful. But, more than beautiful, they work hard to contribute to the well-being of our planet. 

Each year, monarch butterflies fly from Mexico to as far as Canada to lay eggs for caterpillars and eat nectar from native plants. Like bees, eating nectar helps plants grow; and thus, helps us eat better tasting plants from farms and gardens. 

Sadly, there is a decline in monarch butterfly populations - especially in Canada; as Canadian gardeners are not investing in monarch butterfly habitat restoration programs. 

90% decline of monarch butterflies in the last 20 years.

North American growers are encouraged to start planting for beneficial insects now; and keep deer and other wildlife away from the plants with the use of a deer fence and deer-resistant plants (such as Lilac - a favored plant for monarch butterflies!)

Monarch butterflies are doing their part to help us grow; let's get growing to help them thrive. 

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