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Runner Rescues Trapped Deer In Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Sep 2019

This little deer should be thanking its lucky stars that Chloe Dorsey is an avid runner.

Dorsey, a travel consultant from Georgia, has recently documented her efforts to save a deer who got stuck in a fence — not once, but twice, and in two different fences — during a morning jog at Stone Mountain Park in DeKalb County.

“On my morning run, a deer needed my help, and within seconds, she was stuck again!” Dorsey wrote on Instagram, sharing footage of her two rescue attempts.

In the footage, Dorsey can be seen telling the frightened deer to calm down as she wrestles to free the deer from a wrought-iron fence. Breathing hard, she eventually moves a bar just enough for the deer to scurry away.

“You need to learn how to jump, boo,” Dorsey yells after it. “Girl, what is gonna happen when I’m not here?” she adds.

Dorsey then turns her attention to any of the deer’s family members who may be within earshot.

“Y’all are just standing around here looking, not teaching her how to jump!” she shouts.

Not a minute later, Dorsey finds the deer stuck again, this time in a smaller fence across the park.

“I’ll help you one more time, girl. You better not kick me!” she jokes.

This rescue turns out to be a little tougher, but Dorsey helps free the deer after hopping the fence and startling the deer.

“Your a-- better not get stuck again!” she calls after it, again chastising its friends or family members for not teaching the deer to avoid fences. “Y’all need to show her how to jump!”

Despite her funny comments, the woman said on Instagram that she was more than happy to help during the deer's time of need.

“We were both scared for each other,” she wrote. “I’m so happy I was at the right place at the right time!”

Re-posted from Fox News. Written by Michael Bartiromo.

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