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Summer Gardening Tips

21st Jun 2018

June 21st is the first day of summer; and this is the day that gardeners have been waiting for. It's time to plant and enjoy summertime BBQ favorites including corn, watermelon and a variety of berries. 

Gardeners will see an influx of deer on properties because of the passing of deer mating season and the birth of fawns. This is why home growers will need to protect veggie gardens from deer damage with deer fencing and other deer control tactics. 

This month, gardeners can rid deer from landscapes while helping bees pollinate in the garden by growing deer-resistant plants including lavender, marigolds, garlic and peppers. (Bee pollination is important for bee survival and the growth of 80 percent of plants.) Why not help out the bees?

On the first day of summer, remember these summer gardening tips:

  • Perform weed control
  • Fertilize
  • Plant vegetables
  • Prepare the soil
  • Prune leaves and remove dead foliage

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