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Tick Prevention In Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Oct 2019

Ticks are most active in the warm months of the year beginning in Spring (March) when people are in the garden or on camp sites and hiking trails. 

As in spring and summer, ticks continue to hide in the grassy and wooded areas where they can find a warm blooded-mammal to feed. As long as the temperatures remain above freezing, tick movement will thrive. 

In the fall, ticks will hide underneath logs and leaves to seek shelter and insulation. Therefore, homeowners that are piling firewood near houses should move the stack of fire logs to prevent ticks from reaching inside homes. They should also relocate leave piles and stop children and pets from jumping into the piles (sorry, guys).

When outside for long periods of time, outdoor enthusiasts should wear bright, long-sleeved clothing to easily spot ticks and wear tick repellent with DEET. Avoid applying tick repellents to the skin, only the clothing around the ankles, arms and neck. Lastly, perform a thorough tick check on people and pets at the end of activities. 

Ticks remain a year-round concern; and autumn is no different. Carry a tick remover tool when gardening, camping and hiking for tick management in fall. 

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