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Tips For Starting a Backyard Orchard

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Oct 2018

Fall is the best time of year to grow trees and shrubs; and that is why home growers should start a backyard orchard beginning in October. While it may require a little bit of creative thinking at first, the reward of fresh fruits are well worth the time and investment. 

If space is an issue, start growing fruit in pots or containers. The best fruits to get started using this measure are fig and strawberry. If the backyard is free for growing, consider which type of fruit tree you are interested in growing. Also, consider where you plan to place the tree (fruit trees require direct sunlight). Most trees will reach at least 18' in height. Apple trees, however, can grow between 10-30 feet tall, and equally as wide! Apples are great for planting because they yield fruit in just 100 days! That gives bakers plenty of fruit to work with for the late fall/winter season. 

Just as sunlight is necessary for tree growth, so is soil. Make sure the ground hasn't yet frozen. Condition soil so that the roots will receive the nutrients and organic matter it needs to resist plant diseases and grow. Pruning mature trees is essential; but pruning leaves at first will slow the growing process of the tree. 

Keep these tips in mind as you begin your mini-orchard in the backyard. #NationalAppleMonth

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