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Top Veggies To Grow In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jun 2019

We less than 24 hours away from the first day of Summer; and home gardeners are ready to start a vegetable garden with a new set of plants. Some states, such as Florida and Arizona experience extreme heats; and while this may sound like a deterrent, veteran gardeners know better. 

Here are the top veggies to grow in the heat:

Sweet Potatoes - They grow well in the hot summer months and produce abundantly in as little as 90 days. 

Hot Peppers - Great to have on-hand for salads, producing well from spring to fall...and a top, all-natural ingredient in many deer repellents as they are deer resistant!

Green Beans - Easy to grow that produce a variety of crop. 

Okra - One of the most self-sufficient vegetables to grow in summer. They love the heat and adapt well to dry conditions. 

Eggplant - Did you know that eggplant is part of the tomato family? Did you also know that this type of summer veggie is the best hot-weather producer in the tomato family? 

Cucumbers - A classic summertime favorite for salads...and the occasional facial. Cucumbers are easy to produce in the summer and are what you need to make homemade pickles. 

Corn - A summertime favorite to pair with grilled BBQ meats. Keep ears of corn well-watered and see an abundance this summer.

In addition to vegetables, there are many types of summer fruits that can be grown including melons (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew). Now that you know, get ready to grow!

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