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Transform Your Yard Into a Kitty Playground

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th May 2020

Like dogs, cats need time to explore; stretch their legs; and get fresh air - and where better to do it than from the convenience of their own backyard? Without exercise, cats risk health issues as they age including obesity. In fact, over 60 percent of U.S. cats are classified as overweight or obese. There are two ways to transform backyards into cat play areas: Installing a cat fence or transforming an already existing fence into a cat fence. 

DIY Cat Fence Installation

Catios are great for multiple cats to play but they do not offer room to roam freely around the yard. Instead, installing a cat fence may be a better option for homeowners with large yard space for cats to run and socialize with other companion animals. Cat fencing is made from polypropylene material that is lightweight and easy to manage for homeowners of all ages. The bottom is constructed with welded wire fence mesh to block kitties from digging or chewing their way out of the system. The system, available in 6 and 7.5' feet heights, comes with overhang extenders to block cats from jumping out, too. Even better, community cats, stray dogs and wildlife will not be able to jump inside the fence system and potentially harm the domestic cats. 

Cat Fence Conversion Kits

Already have a fence? No problem. Conversion Kits offer overhang extenders, mesh and hardware to transform already existing fences into pet playgrounds. These conversion systems are easy to install and a cheaper alternative to rebuilding a cat fence in the yard. 


Cats need a chance to run and play just as much as dogs and having fencing in the yard will improve animal health and wellness, increasing longevity of life for feline friends. 

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