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Trident Fence Vs. Tenax Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Aug 2019

extruded-fence-1.jpgSpec to spec, Trident Deer Fence and TENAX Deer Fence seem virtually similar: 10-20 year lifespan; 650-1400 pound breaking strength; and approximately 1.77" x 1.97" mesh dimensions. So, what separates Trident Fence from TENAX Fence? After all, they both offer plastic deer fencing; and they both offer different strength grades.

What makes Trident Deer Fence special lays at the bottom of the fence. This plastic deer fence offers a reinforced bottom edge to block attempted deer browsing and small critters from entering into gardens. The horizontal strands at the bottom also help to hold down fence stakes.

Both are great plastic deer fence products. Both work to keep out deer from landscapes! 

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