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Using Deer Vision To Your Advantage

14th Dec 2020

Deer can be a nuisance in your yard or garden. To keep them out, consider using a deer exclusion fencing solution.

In order for a fence to be effective, the fence has to be high enough. Deer are excellent jumpers and can clear a 7 ft. fence with ease. To combat these high-flying creatures, we offer 8 ft. fences in a variety of materials.

The reason a tall fence is more effective for deer is due to how their eyes work. Being on the side of their head, it gives them a full 360-degree vision range compared to the 180-degree range of a human. While being able to see on all sides has its advantages, it also comes with a disadvantage – depth perception.

Deer are not able to gauge how high something is due to their lack of depth perception. This comes in handy when deterring deer from jumping into your yard or garden. They will typically not want to risk injury by jumping without being able to judge the height. In this instance, deer would prefer to simply go around the obstacle.

We also recommend adding warning banners to make sure the deer notices the fence. Warning banners are a small piece of the puzzle that you may think insignificant, but they are very effective in alerting a deer to the presence of the fence. Deer have black and white vision so using a black or white banner to contrast the environment will make it more visible to the animal.

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