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Watch Wildlife From a Distance

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jun 2020

Deer and other wildlife are beautiful and graceful creatures; and it may be tempting to approach them to capture a photo for social media. However, wildlife will attack people and pets if they go into defense mode. Here are things to keep in-mind during wildlife spotting:

Do not feed the wildlife: They have plenty to eat, especially in the spring and summer months; and like stray cats, they will keep coming back to landscapes if they know where to go for a food source. 

Do not tease them or harm wildlife: Do not scare them or throw rocks, sticks or other objects at them. Over all, be a decent person!

Do not try to take them home: We know it can be tempting, especially when spotting fawns; but leave them be. DNR will slap a citation or jail time.

During the warm months of the year, deer will be spotted as they scout for food. They may be with or without their young; and may attack if they feel threatened in any way. Enjoy nature's creatures at a safe distance.

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