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Welcome To the World, Baby Foxes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th May 2019

Red bushy tails and big brown eyes make the perfect creation: adorable red foxes called kits.

Similar to coyotes and wolves, fox breeding season started early on in the year; and now, kits are making their way into the world alongside their mamas. Mother-baby foxes tend to stay close to each other until October or November when kits become "teenagers." This is when they go off to fend on their own to find preferred foods including mice, squirrels, and the occasional pet.

Generally, foxes will not attack people, nor dogs; but, they tend to choose cats as a entree if they cannot find rodents to eat. Cat owners will need to pay close watch on their pets; and keep them secure while outside with fence for cats. Homeowners can also use a steel fence that is at least 6 feet tall to rid foxes from yards as well as animal urine or other form of repellent.

This summer, expect to see an increase in wildlife numbers due to the spring breeding season: white-tailed deer; coyotes; and foxes.

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