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What Is Bear Hibernation?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Dec 2019

In the cartoons, bears find a cozy spot to sleep for the winter and wake up months later in the spring when the weather is warmer and there are plenty of fresh flowers around green fields. That may be the bear hibernation that we knew; but it is not what happens in real life.

Bear Diet In Winter

Bears do not go into a full sleep during bear hibernation; but instead, slow down their movements to preserve energy. During the fall, they will eat between 30-90 pounds of food each day in preparation for winter hibernation. Eating lots of food helps bears stay strong during the harsh winter months when natural resources are scarce. 

During autumn, bears will eat bark, buds, twigs, leaves, greenery, fish and small mammals including fawns and calves. To protect remaining crops in the wintertime, gardeners are advised to use electric bear nets. Electric fencing is the most effective means to rid bears from landscapes in the winter and will ensure that they do not come back for more tastings in the spring and summer months when bear spotting is high.

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